Tube expanders for all kind of tube works

KRAIS is the original tube tool company – since the very beginning, we offer a wide range of tube expanders. We manufacture them for many applications including condensers, chillers, heat exchangers, firetube and water-tube boilers, and sugar vacuum pans. KRAIS tube expanders are perfect tools for expanding and installing new tubes and re-rolling leaky and damaged tubes.

During the whole production process of tube expanders, we use some of the most accurate machining systems and digital tools available on the market today! All our tube expanders are made from high-quality alloy steels and are specially heat treated. Both: modern machines and the best materials translate into the high quality of our expanders.

All KRAIS adjustable thrust collars use the best thrust bearings. It assures to eliminate heating and tube end damage. The high-quality bearing makes KRAIS tube expanders suitable for problem-free operation with electric or pneumatic rolling motors.

Tube sheet after tube expanding